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How to avoid Google play store troubleshooting?

Google play store troubleshooting

In your device, you have carefully deal with the settings of the Google play store. Common errors can affect the integrity and performance of your phone. If you want to avoid Google play store troubleshooting, here are some crucial steps for you to follow.

Fix Issues on Google Play

If you are facing issues in the use of Google Play, you must try these steps. You can save yourself from different problems with these steps.

Check Storage Space

A device must have sufficient space to download apps and updates. If your device is low on storage space, you will get notification about this space. You will get a notification if space is less than 1GB.Google play store troubleshooting

Data Connection

Your device needs the best data connection. If you have a Wi-Fi network, you can easily download and install updates. Without Wi-Fi access, make sure to arrange a secure data connection. Before downloading anything, you must have a faster connection.

SD Card for Android Tablet

With the help of the SD card, you can increase storage space in your device. Make sure to buy a complementing SD card for your device. If your card is not correctly set up, it will not work properly. Try to eject, remove an SD card and re-insert it. Make sure to buy a device with maximum storage.

Clear Cache of Download Manager

If you want to free up your storage space, make sure to clear the cache of your download manager. Here are some simple steps to clear the cache.

  • On your device (android phone or tablet), open “Settings app”.
  • Click “Apps and notifications”.
  • Click “Download Manager” and if you are not finding it, click “See apps or app info”.
  • Open Play Services of Google.
  • Click “Storage – Clear cache”.
  • Click “Clear storage – Ok”.
  • Open the play store of Google and try all downloads again.

To manage its storage space, make sure to clear its cache. Here are some instructions to clear data and cache from Play Services of Google.

  • Go to the Settings app on your tablet or phone with an Android operating system.
  • Click on “Apps and Notifications”.
  • Click “Download Manager”. If you are unable to see this, check “See apps or app info”.
  • Open play services of Google.
  • Click Storage – Clear Cache.
  • Click “Clear storage – clear data – ok”.
  • Open play store app of Google
  • Wait for five minutes and start your downloads. 

Check System Updates

Keep your system updated by clicking on “System – Advanced – System Update”. You will find these settings in the Settings app.

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