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Your Guide to Change the Font Size in Google Chrome

smartphone with play store

Now the topic of today’s discussion is the complete guide to change the font size in Google chrome. Some of our readers are new tablet and smartphone owners so we will take the discussion from the start so that they can understand the working of chrome and if they haven’t downloaded it yet they can also download it from the sources that will be discussed later on. So let us get started with today’s article! Read the article till the end to get the complete details.

Overview of Google Chrome!

Google chrome is one of the most famous applications around the world. It one of the most rated applications with the highest numbers of downloads on the play store. Now if you don’t know where to download Google chrome from then don’t worry you can download Google chrome directly from Google or you can download it on your smartphone with play store or the application store by Apple Inc.

It is one of the most mature and reliable browsers existing worldwide. Now that you have downloaded the application now you can adjust it and customize it with your own choice.

smartphone with play store

How can I customize my Chrome?

The next step after downloading the chrome application is to customize it according to your own needs. For instance, you can easily set the page you want Chrome to open every time you open it, you can add bookmarks on your home page for your favorite pages so that you can get directed to them by just one click. You can add a bookmark by marking the page itself by right-clicking and choosing the option to bookmark. Other than this you can use incognito mode to browse privately.

You can also change the theme of your Google chrome with your favorite colors. And then comes the important part of the changing of the font size. Every person is easy in his own zone of display, and it mainly depends on your sight and acceptance towards the display. 

Now the chrome comes with the default 100% display, but you can easily change it from the main page and from the settings as well. You just have to click the top right button on chrome have three dots. It will open an additional window which will tell you about the display and the font, you can change that from her, and you can also choose the settings option from there and change the settings from there.

Wacom tablet driver can also be downloaded from the Google chrome through APK service provider. Now you know the complete details about Google chrome and how you can change its font. You can change the font in the same manner on your mobile phone or your tablet. And you can also download the Wacom tablet driver directly on your tablet through Google chrome.

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