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How to remove a virus from your Android Tab?

Google android tablets

Nowadays, viruses, malware, and spam messages become serious security threats. For this reason, you will need special security for android tabletsIf you doubt that your Android device has viruses, you can easily delete it. See these easy steps to remove a virus.

Safe Mode

In the first step, you have to put your tablet or phone in a safe mode. It will prevent the functions of third-party apps and malware. In maximum devices, safe mode can be accessed by holding power off button and choose a suitable option to restart your device in a safe mode.

If you are not sure about safe mode, check the manual of your device, or find an online tutorial to find the safe mode option for your device. With the name and model number, you can easily find precise instructions.

Choose Apps in Settings Menu

Go to the “Settings menu” and select apps. It will help you to view downloaded tabs. If you are not sure about the name of the virus infecting your tablet or phone, check everything to find something dodgy. Find out apps that you have not installed. Make sure to uninstall these apps.

Google android tablets

Malicious Apps

After finding a malicious app, you have to click on it to open its info page and hit on uninstall. In numerous cases, you can remove a virus with this process. Sometimes, grayed out uninstall buttons can make things difficult for you. It means the virus is in the device administrator’s status. Before using your Google android tabletsdownload an antivirus that can detect suspicious software.

Device Administrators

Once you notice a grayed uninstall button, it is time to exit an app menu. Hit on the “Settings – Security – Device Administrator”. You may find a list of apps available on your phone with administrator status. Now you have to untick the boxes for an app that you want to remove. Click on “deactivate” on a pop-up or next screen. It is time to go back to an app menu and uninstall this app.

Now your android is free from viruses. You have to restart this device to bring it back from safe mode to normal. If your device is working correctly, everything is fine. You can back up your stored data on your device and install a reliable antivirus app. It will protect you from different viruses.

Antivirus Software for Your Device

You may find numerous antivirus apps in the Play Store. Feel free to choose a reliable app, such as Norton, AVG, Avast, etc. Free apps are available to increase the security of your device. Remember, security threats are more for rotted devices as compared to other slates. Make sure to avoid this procedure because it is dangerous for the security of your Google android tabletsAlways download apps and tools from a trusted source. In this way, you can protect your sensitive information.

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