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Setting up Android smartphone notifications on windows 10:

Android smartphone

With the advancement in technology, you can now easily link your smart device with a window operating system. Even your small windows tablet can be linked with the windows to mirror its notifications on the windows. 

Window 10 has come with many features that have allowed the user of every type of use it with convenience. The latest feature that has been incorporated in windows 10 is receiving the notifications from the Android device and then showing them on the desktop. 

People who work all day on their desktop and don’t find time to check their mobile can now mirror the notifications of the mobile and tablet on their desktop. Here are basic guidelines to set up the link between your small windows tablet and mobile with desktop 

  • Download ‘’ Your Phone’’ app:

The app with the name ‘’Your Phone’’ should be downloaded in windows 10 from the Microsoft store and also in your mobile device. Note that this app can only be downloaded in the windows 10. The app in the phone can either be downloaded from Play Store, or you can enter your phone number in the app that has been downloaded in windows 10 to link it with your phone 

  • Sign in:

As a matter of fact, ‘’your Phone’’ app is a tremendous platform. In order to make the Android notifications working on your desktop computer, you are required to sign into your Microsoft account. It should be ensured that you sign in to same Microsoft account in your desktop computer and Android deviceAndroid smartphone

  •  Give Android permissions:

As and when you download the ‘’your phone ‘’ app in your mobile phone or tablet, the app will ask you to provide some permissions. Setting up these permissions will allow the app to access the storage, contacts and photo gallery of the phone. 

If you are not comfortable giving permissions, you can revoke the access whenever you want. Note that doing this will stop the app from working as it is supposed to work.  

  • Enable the notifications to access windows 10:

You will be asked to enable the notifications to reach out your desktop. For this, you need to open the 

‘’your phone’’ app in your PC, go to the notification option and then click on the open settings for me. This action will connect the smart device with a desktop computer. 

There are some limitations when it comes to receiving notifications on your windows 10. For example, you can receive the messages of your mobile or tablet on windows 10 computer. However, you will not be able to send quick replies. This linking between the computer and mobile is expected to be improved.

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