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What is an Android P?

Android P

Google is responsible for bringing a great deal of innovation in the world of technology in order to please and satisfy technology lovers. One of the amazing and latest versions of Android P, which is introduced by Google is Android 9 Pie which is loaded with plenty of impressive features to help you out in several regards.

Battery Saving:

A new feature of battery saving is introduced in the Android P. The apps of the device get categorized due to App Standby Buckets, and it indicates the frequency of using the app and the battery that they are consuming.  Keep your eyes on the apps which are consuming much of the battery. Another exciting feature of Android P is gesture-based navigation.

Android Dashboard:

A step towards digital wellbeing is the Android dashboard which depicts that how you are spending time on the device. It indicated the app which you use the most and also lets you know about the frequency of using such apps as well. Setting the timer on the apps is possible when you have Android P in your hands.

Features of App Timers allow users to limit the time on apps. It indeed declines the usage time and as the limit expires then the app icon gets grey out. 

Android P

Shush Button:

One of the new gestures introduced by the Android P is Shush. Its basic aim is to instantly enable the mode of Do Not Disturb. This gets enabled when the phone screen is down. It is worthy of utilizing the mode of Do Not Disturb when you are in a meeting. However, you would still be enjoying staying updated from peculiar contacts by receiving notifications and calls from such contacts. Never buy any gadget instantly without having any knowledge about it.

Slices and App Actions:

The feature of Slices and App Actions is quite marvelous. These 2 are the worthy features that charm the people having an interest in enhanced user engagement. This user engagement is particularly with the apps that you have installed on your phone. You enjoy getting the smaller version of the entire app which you installed in the device.

So, you an approach to your desired app without opening it. Android P is making marvelous success in the world of technology. Its features are so exciting and vast and also offer excellent sound amplifiers, improved volume sliders, and brilliant dual-camera support.

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