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3 iPad Pro Alternatives – Affordable for Android Fans

expensive apple devices

If you are an Apple user and are tired of the same features and increasing prices of Apple devices and looking for cheap tablet computers, then don’t worry. We can help you get rid of these devices in no time, after reading this article you can easily make a choice about which tablet you want to choose as a replacement for the iPad pro. There are many features in an android tablet that you can’t get in an iPad. And so if you are an android fan, you can easily decide from the three tablets mentioned below, and if not, then you can fall in love with android devices after reading about the three devices that we will discuss today!

The Amazon Kindle Fire HD!

The first tablet that we will discuss today is all the Amazon Kindle Fire that costs around 200$. Amazon devices have always lacked public attention and acceptance, and when it comes to the tablet world, they are completely new in this game. But as a newbie, they have managed to top the list in the replacement to expensive apple devices. If you are looking for the cheapest tablet computers, then this is the best choice you can make. Previously we were receiving a lot of feedback from our readers about cheap tablet computers and how they are not worth buying, but you can easily trust Amazon while making this purchase. Now let us move towards some of its important features: this tablet allows you to get a complete collection of music, videos, and other multimedia content as it provides a large amount of memory. It is extremely user-friendly and has an excellent and responsive touch screen.

expensive Apple devices

The Samsung Galaxy tab WiFi!

The Samsung galaxy tab wifi is one of the models you can purchase if you are looking for cheap tablet computers as it also costs you around 300$. The Samsung tablet wife is ranked among the second in this list as it is expensive from the Amazon tablet. Now let’s move towards the features of the tablet. First of all, and most importantly, it offers a wide range of Android and Google applications. These applications make the device easier in terms of accessibility. It has a GPS location feature, and it has Bluetooth connectivity, which allows it to connect with any other device and share data, unlike IOS. It also allows you to secure your device with a fingerprint or iris screen lock.

The Vizio Tablet!

The Vizio tablet is third on the list. It is a Korean production and has gathered great acceptance, especially in the eastern region. The best feature of this device is it can be used as a universal remote for many electronic devices. So if you have lost the remote control, you can easily use your tablet to manage this problem. The only issue in this device is that it has a low memory space. So you can decide from all of the three tablets.

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