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5 Reason to Choose a Tablet

7 inch tablet android 6

Why should you buy a tablet and what makes these devices useful?

It’s a valid question and is why you should invest in a 7 inch tablet android 6. Don’t worry we are going to explain to you all the reasons why you should.

This list will help you understand why tablet PCs play an important role in a different environment today.


Tablets are lightweight; they are easy to carry around. 7 inch tablet android 6 is portable; they are easy to hold even in one hand. You can use these devices to watch videos, surf the internet, or to type something. These devices offer instant access to whatever information you need. They take just a few seconds to turn on.

Tablets do make us feel like the future is here. They are more natural to use as compared to staring at a computer screen or a laptop.


If you use tablets in a workplace or educational environment the right way, they can help you improve your productivity. No one is going to type a letter on a tablet, but there is a solution for that, you can use a keyboard and make your tablet more of a laptop. The idea has been around for quite a while, but it cemented its position with the introduction of Surface devices.

Now you can type relevant documents. You don’t have to shuffle through a pile of papers to find specific information; the tablet will do it for you.


7 inch android 6 tablet

Tablets can be pure entertainment devices. These are just a large screen with speakers and respective processing power. When you want to watch video or movies, you can’t do it on a 5” screen. You need at least 9 inch screen. You can’t expect this screen size on a mobile phone. They have 6 inch screens at best; tablets, on the other hand, have far larger screens.

The story doesn’t end here; 7 inch  android 6 tablet also lets you play games. Tablets have better hardware than the smartphone.


Games are not the only thing you can run on a tablet. These devices offer you excellent value for your money. These devices are very adaptive. If you love to read, you can do it; you’ll need to download a few apps. If you want to stay connected with your friends, these tablets also let you do it.

You can customize your device as you want. You can install apps; you don’t need any product keys or registration code to do important stuff.

Battery Life

You can’t use a portable device if it can’t stay on. Battery life is very important when it comes to portability. If a 7 inch android tablet  device needs to be plugged to an AC adapter often, then this device is useless.

Tablet devices have better hardware and larger screen sizes as compared to smartphones. Therefore, they need better and bigger batteries. Major companies investigated into this matter. Therefore, tablets have extended battery as compared to smartphones.

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