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Best Tablet Keyboards for Windows, iOS, and Android

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Now you know where to get cheap tablets, so it’s time you learn where to get the best keyboards to use with them despite which OS you use. With that said, we are going to mention some top of the line keyboards. These keyboards can work with any tablet OS and give you a great value for your money.  

Anker Ultra Compact Keyboard

This is an excellent keyboard for your tablet. It works with all OS, including Android, iOS, and Windows.  This keyboard is portable, and as the name suggests, it’s very slim. Its two-thirds of the size of an actual keyboard but don’t worry, it works like a charm.

You won’t have an issue storing this keyboard with your tablet. It is easy to slide into your backpack with your other things. It boasts a battery that can last you for days before you need to recharge it. This Is an excellent option if you want something slim and convenient, but not a wild variety of gaming functions.

Logitech K480

Logitech has produced some of the best accessories for tablets and smartphones. This keyboard is no different. It is a full-size wireless keyboard that can connect with any OS. So once you know where to get cheap tablets, you should focus on getting the accessories that will make your device more productive.

This keyboard is small enough that you can slide it in with your tablet in your backpack. It has all the basic functions of a regular size keyboard. It’s a pretty good keyboard considering you are using a Bluetooth connection, not a USB cable.

Arteck HB030B

This is dubbed as the universal keyboard, and it is laced with RGB lighting, in case you into that sort of thing. If you need a wireless and smooth keyboard for your tablet that has gamer aesthetics, you now have it. The keyboard will cost you a 40 dollars and it gives you the whole gamer vibe. You will find this keyboard very useful if you play video games on your tablet.

Yes, the tablet can play some triple titles developed for Android or IOS. It’s an excellent option for intensive use. Most tablet keyboards break down under stress, but that won’t be the case here.

Logitech K780

This is a multi-device wireless keyboard. It’s on the premium end and it has a few features that set it apart from everyone else in the market. The model is a bit large and it has a dedicated number pad. This is rare when it comes to wireless keyboards. It’s more of a full-fledged keyboard which has a mobile device on top. It’s designed to be used with both tablets and smartphones.

This keyboard has excellent travel distance and you will find the layout is easy to used. There are some dedicated function keys. You can assign these keys to any function you see fit.   Just be careful, the battery life is a bit short, but you can pair it with a portable power bank, and it should work well for you.

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