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How to Safeguard the In-App Purchases on Android via Google Play Store

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Play Store In-App Purchases

In select Google Play applications, you can buy added content or acquire more services within the app, and Google calls it as in-app purchases. If you have an Android tablet and give the device to someone else, to your kids, the in-app purchases may occur by mistake in gaming apps. Thankfully, you can safeguard the in-app purchases on Android via Google Play Store. Of course, activating the protection measures of the Google account would safeguard you from any unexpected billing.

Kids of all age tend to use gaming apps on Android. Many of these apps have the in-app purchase option, although the same may happen in other apps too. Regardless, the authentication would apply for compatible apps supporting in-app purchases.

First, enable cellular data on the device and open Google Play Store on your Android device. Tap on the three-line menu and scroll down to choose Settings. In the next prompt that appears on-screen, choose For All Purchases Through Google Play on This Device under the Require Authentication prompt. Even if you do not activate the option, Play Store would prompt you to enter the Google account password in applications having a 12-or-under age rating.

Google Play would prompt the same password each time a mature kid or someone else tries to make in-app purchases within the app provided that you configure the password. If you have an Android refurbished tablet that has a fingerprint sensor, and you have enabled the fingerprint lock on the device, you can activate two-way authentication on Google Play Store to tackle in-app purchases securely.

For that, open Google Play Store app on the device and tap on the hamburger menu denoted by three horizontal lines on the top-left corner of the app. Then, scroll down to choose Settings and tap on the Fingerprint Authentication checkbox option to enable it. Enter the password you use on the Android tablet once a prompt appears for the same on Play Store, and you are done safeguarding accidental in-app purchases on your device. After you configure two-way authentication on Google Play the in-app purchases can be made only with your fingerprint and password.

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