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How to Run Android on Nintendo Switch?

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Do you want a replacement for a tablet to play games? Try to run Android on the Nintendo switch. The latest gaming console of Nintendo becomes a major hit in the world. They are selling their units in massive numbers and getting the attention of developers and consumers. Still, some people want to switch hardware to convert it into an android system. 

Numerous people are attempting to change the hardware, but these procedures can be dangerous. Try to do it in a safe process. Even a successful installation of Android can flash its native hardware. It means you can’t go back after installing Android. 

The new procedure requires you to use a microSD card. It will help you to save the hardware of Switch. A natural process will help you to move between these systems. If you have a  tablet, transfer your data on this device before a switch.

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Compatible Systems

Before making a switch, you have to check the console. If you have an old console between 2017 and 2018, you can run Android on it. An advanced console may not work because the procedure depends on the flaws of old console X1 ARM Nividia Tegra processor. 

Make sure to have a microSD card to use Android. Remember, this method is safe than old attempts because it will not affect Nintendo. People often run Android on Nintendo switch for subjective reasons. Some early adopters may see the limits of the hardware. 

The tablet may support you during this process. Save your essential items on this tablet. Take advantage of unique features and Android apps. Netflix is missed for Nintendo fans. It was available for Wii, and Wii U. Netflix and Nintendo may be irrelevant for the Switch. With the Android system, you can enjoy different shows.

Remember, you may not access some mobile games on the Switch. These are accessible on Android. Games that need a camera, GPS, and several other features are available on smartphones. You can work well with web browsers and virtual apps.

Install Android on Nintendo Switch

You must have an Android build, such as Switchfoot LineageOS 15.1. You can search for it with your tabletChoose an image to correspond to the size of the microSD card or even smaller. Write this image to your microSD card. You must not extract the image. Remember, other content can be overwritten, so use a blank card for this purpose. Download GApps for 8.1 Android from OpenGApps and use ARM64. Make sure to put a file on the initial partition of an SD card.

Now you have to download a “Shield-ifier” zip and make its copy on the microSD card. It will help you to switch as a Shield Nvidia TV and install this app.

Load Hekate and hold VOL+ to boot to TWRP to choose the Android config. Ensure to mount the system in TWRP. Once complete, install GApps and wipe Dalvik/cache similar to TWRP. Reboot it to Hekate and finally boot into your new Android system. Use a cheap windows tablet to back up important files.

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