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How to Use Google Play Music on IOS Devices?

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Do you want to listen to music during travel? These android devices allow you to use Google Play Music. Fortunately, you can use Google Play Music on iOS devices. Music Beta is a service from Google for users to edit and access music collections across android devices and computers. It will help them to work without increasing burden on their storage. Everything will be stored on the servers of Google.

Android users may install and download this app instantly on their phone. They may not access all features, such as music manage the app for desktop without getting an invitation from Google. 

Service for iOS Users

There is no need to worry because iOS users are not ignored in this launch. There are solutions for them to use Google Music on iPod Touch, iPad and iPhone. Here are some steps to follow to access this music on iPod Touch, iPad and iPhone.

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  • If you want to get a music account from Google, you must request an invitation on
  • Open safari, point a browser to and enter Google account information. Remember, this page has mobile-friendly features.
  • Navigate as normal because you can use interface similar to a desktop version of the browser. Tap play to play music in the browser. To play a song, click it and hit “Play” in a navigation bar at the base or hit the triangle toward the right of song names and choose “Play Song”.
  • Scroll through a music list, drag down and up with two fingers. Patiently wait for some lag.
  • Repeat, skip and shuffle with the navigation bar at the base of the browser. You can find these options. If your player is adjusted to shuffle, it will automatically play the next song.
  • You can play music in the background. Current safari may not affect music play. Make sure to double-click the home button and swipe toward the left to get access to the shortcut of music player.

You can make necessary adjustments with your android device. 

Get the Advantage of the Free Trial

Before installing the Google Play Music app on an iOS device, you have to sign up for a free trial. Similar to Spotify, Google Play Music prevents in-app purchasing of the app. They don’t want Apple to take their subscription fee. For this reason, sign up can be a bit inconvenient. Automatic payments can decrease your ongoing hassles. 

In the absence of a Google account, make sure to create one account first. It will help you to sync Google Play Music across different devices. Feel free to use it on a computer, android, iPod touch, iPad or iPhone with a browser.

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