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How to check all specs of your PC without using the software?

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People with a limited budget can buy cheap tablets and laptops. Before purchasing a new tablet or laptop, you have to check the specifications of a computer. This information will help you to troubleshoot a problem. Fortunately, you can check all the specs of your PC without using the software. It is easy to find information about your PC, such as hardware, UEFI or BIOS version or details of the software environment. Here are some things to do to check the specifications of your computer.

Settings App

You can check the basic information of your computer with the settings app. It will help you to get a basic overview of your system. Find this information in the Settings app of Windows 8 or 10. 

  • Tap “Windows+I” to open the Settings app and hit the “System” icon. 
  • On the system page, switch to “About” tab toward the left.

On the right corner, you can check two pertinent sections. In the “Device Specifications” section, you can see basic information about hardware, such as RAM, processor, product IDs and device and type of system (32-bit and 64-bit). In the section of specifications, you can see the version, build and editions of Windows on your PC.

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Use System Info App

The system info app allows you to check details of the software and hardware environment. It offers you a detailed look at the information of the system. To open system information, tap “Wndows+R”, type in “msinfo32” into “Open” field and tap “Enter”. 

The page of system summary offers lots of information. You can check the version of Windows and manufacturer of PC, along with BIOS version, installed RAM and motherboard model. It is possible to expand the node on the left side and dive into other levels of details. You will get maximum information under “Hardware Resources” node is esoteric. At this place, you can find real gems.

Export Information 

If you want to see the model and make of graphics card, you have to click the “Display” component. You will get details of current resolution and driver version. With a system info app, you can export a detailed system report. Get information in a text file to send details about the system. With this copy, you can troubleshoot your PC.

To export information, you have to choose particular details. If you select the “System Summary” node, exported file may contain the essential details of your system. In this file, you can find relevant information about your system. Choose a particular node to have details for this exported node.

If you want to export information, open the menu of a file and tap the export command. Name a text file, select a location and click “Save” button.

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