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These new Siri features will help you get command over iOS 13

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The new devices with iOS 13 come with exciting features. Several changes are related to Siri; therefore, you can enjoy better performance. It becomes the best version of the digital assistant. Check the web page of iOS 13 for Siri. You may not get a complete overview of changes in Siri.

No doubt, Siri becomes more useful and intelligent voice option. You can notice several notable improvements. There is no need to use A13 chip of iPhone 11 pro  to take advantage of this improved Siri. Here are some unique features and changes in Siri.

New Siri Voice

Apple is getting better with time. For the latest iOS 13, the company is mentioning the improved voice of Siri for longer sentences. Neutral TTS system of Apple improves prosody (rhythm, tone, intonation and stress patterns). It makes the sound stitched-together and less artificial. You will be able to hear a life-like, natural voice.

Send Messages with Siri

New Siri is still away from perfection. You may find it frustrating to reply on this digital assistant to send messages. This assistant can mangle your words when you look at the iPhone. Remember, your friends (iMessage) can see a small tag under the messages sent with Siri. In this way, they can understand that you have sent this message via Siri. 

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Shortcut of Siri in the Shortcut App

In iOS 12, you will find a shortcut of Siri in the search and Siri section. You can find this section in settings. The iOS 13 allows you to get these options in shortcuts app. Both suggested and custom shortcuts are under a roof.

Remember, shortcut app is preinstalled in iOS 13. Apple offers Workflow replacement with previous iOS 12. Feel free to download it from the app store. You can get updates for shortcuts app with iOS updates, not only from the app store.

Suggestions in Favorite Apps

New Siri allows you suggestions after analyzing your method of using an iPhones. Remember, Siri may suggest you return to a missed call or share your photos with friends. You can get numerous suggestions. Find new options for favorite apps, such as Safari, Maps, Podcasts, Reminders, etc.

Reminders List 

With the use of Siri, you can add different items to a reminders list. You can dictate an item as per inquiry, such as Hey Siri, add mangoes to my shopping list. Remember, iOS 13 comes with a better Siri. This digital assistant can add numerous items to a list smoothly. Siri can separate two things easily on different lines. You can also create reminders with Siri!

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