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How to upgrade tablet’s Windows 7 to Windows 10

what are the cheapest tablets

If you want to know what are the cheapest tablets, then you can find out about them from the internet very easily. However, it is never easy and simple to know about things that you might not normally observe. The eligibility of the tablet for the new version of windows must be kept in mind while buying. You can learn about this in the details given below.  

  • Look for Eligibility of Window 10

When you search for what are the cheapest tablets, you should also search for the features in it that you would need later on. The Windows must be eligible for the new versions of Windows that come after every year. Your tablet must be compatible or eligible for that. You have to keep that in mind because this is something that can create problem for you later on while using the device. 

While looking for other things, look at this feature too. If the device is eligible for this, then you can follow the process as given in this article. what are the cheapest tablets

  • Backup the Data

This is another very important point to know and consider. You have to go through this step because only it can save your original data on the device. By doing this, you will not need to transfer the data to a new device and then get it back after upgrading Windows. This will save data in the same device which you can retrieve after getting your Windows upgrade done. 

Just like you learn about what are the cheapest tablets, you should learn about this backup strategy too because it is very important. 

  • Update the Windows

 If you want to know what are the cheapest tablets then you can find out a lot about them and very easily from your surroundings. The main thing that you have to know is that if you could update the windows in it or not. This is important to know because when you will be upgrading the tablet windows, this step will come across you. 

This is the last step that will upgrade your windows of the tablet to the new version that you want to have. 


When you look for what are the cheapest tablets, you must also know its other features. The one important feature is the ability of the device to upgrade its windows. You can just look for this feature and then stay fearless while using it in the future because it can upgrade and work in very good form in the future. Keep this in mind while buying the device, and never ignore this feature because without it you might face many problems that you couldn’t handle.

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