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How to Access Another Computer from Your Computer?

Computer from another Computer

Numerous online stores and shops are available to make things easy. If you want to buy a new device, check cheap websites. Nowadays, it is easy to create remote connections for your desktop. Feel free to connect a computer with another computer running the latest windows. You can connect them on the same network. 

After establishing this connection, it will be easy for you to access files, network resources and programs on a computer. To connect two computers remotely, you have to keep them turned on. They should have a network connection. 

You will need network access to a remote computer and get permission for a connection. For permission, you have to ensure your presence on the list of users. Before starting a connection, look at the name of the computer you want to connect. The remote desktop connections must be allowed through a firewall. 

If a user account doesn’t need a password, you can connect them easily. Make sure to add a password for the security of both computers. See these settings to connect two computers remotely.

Computer from another Computer

  • Go to “Start button – right-tap computer and click properties”.
  • Click remote settings and if prompted for a confirmation or administrator password, provide confirmation or type the password. Under “Remote Desktop”, choose one of the three choices. 
  • Tap “select users”. An administrator of the computer can automatically become part of the remote list. In this case, you can skip unnecessary steps.
  • The users of the remote desktop dialog box have to tap “Add”.

In the “Group dialog or Select Users” box, you can do the following:

  • Specific a search location, tap “Locations” and choose the location you have to search.
  • Check out “enter the name of an object to choose” and type in the name of the user that you have to add and tap “OK”.
  • You can see the name in the user’s list in users dialog remote desktop box. Tap Ok and click “Ok” again.

Remember, you can’t connect to a hibernated or asleep computer. Make sure to set hibernation never to a remote computer. 

Check the Name of Computer

On your remote computer, go to “System” and tap on the start button. Now right-click computer and properties. Under workgroup settings, domain and computer name, you have to find out the name of the computer.

Allow Desktop Connections

If connections are becoming difficult, you have to check settings of your firewall. A firewall can block remote desktop connections. Change settings and try again. Feel free to check these settings in control panel under system & security. You have to establish these connections on a secure network. 

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