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How to Configure Mail, Calendars, and Contacts on an iPad

IPad Tablet

Configuring Ipad Apps

You can configure the existing saved mail, calendar, and contacts on iCloud on a newly bought iPad tablet anytime through the iOS settings. Below is how to do that on your iOS device with ease by establishing an internet connection.

  • Launch the Settings app on your iOS device and tap on iCloud.
  • Enter the iCloud email and password and tap on Sign In to access the iCloud account on the iPad.
  • Select the Merge option to merge all the data with iCloud storage.
  • Tap on the toggle switches adjacent to the respective services and iOS apps that you want to synchronize with your iPad.

It shall be noted most of the services and apps such as Mail, Calendars, and Contacts on iCloud will be turned on by default. Just turn on the respective toggles manually if not, and move to the next configuration steps.

To add a Google account sign-in information to the iOS device, navigate to Settings > Mail, Contacts, or Calendar, tap on Accounts, and tap on Add Account. Then, tap on Google and enter the sign in details for the Google account. Once you enter the details, tap on Next to continue, and tap on the toggle switch adjacent to each of the Google services that you want to synchronize with the iPad tablet.

After that, choose Save in the top right corner of the device screen. Once you save the Google account info, you can access the same at any given time by navigating to the Account section in Settings and tapping on the Gmail field. In case you want to customize the word “Gmail” to something else, tap on the Account button and tap on the Description field.

Apple uses the open standard IMAP, CardDAV, and CalDAV services under the hood for handling synchronization of Google services on iOS. However, you can also use the inbuilt iOS Mail application and unify the inbox using the Internet Message Access Protocol if you are yet to have a paid account on the iPad.

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