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5 Apps you must have on your Tablet PC

Windows tablet computer

The trend of gaming on a Tablet PC is on the rise. On a Windows tablet computer, you can play many high-end games. The fun of gaming on a Tablet PC is pretty solid because many games run easily on the maximum setting. It works better as compared to the other window devices. Tablets are formed with the same elements as other PCs. These are Intelx86 computers that are formed in a fancy case with several operating systems. It means there is no real hardware hurdle to gaming on a Tablet PC. Some of the important apps are given below.


  • Stardew Valley


This is an ideal app for a Windows tablet computer. It is a simulator of Country-life. The player’s character has inherited the family farm and the gameplay based on the learning to reside in the lands as the time passes slowly. The player spends time in making friends town people, working on the home, cooking, fishing, raising livestock, growing crops, and other farming activities. It sounds like it will get boring quickly, but strangely it satisfies the player easily. Its pixelated and intricate graphics are colorful and lush. It grabs the attention of the player and creates interest easily. 


  • Alpine Crawler


This is a stimulation of cross country vehicle. It offers a great laugh for playing. A player drives around the Alps in the variety of vehicles and pickups. The off-road settings make changes from the usual care game that allows you, flying around similar tracks again and again. Some of its best features are given below

  • Each game contains 30 hard and exciting levels with 10 locations in each game
  • 3 locations and terrains 
  • 9 trucks/ cars in AC wild 
  • 7 sports cars/ racing cars in the AC world
  • 3 game modes like a challenge, Time trial, and free ride



  • Basketmania


It is fun to play on Windows tablet computer. Players use the dots to array the beginning of flying and trajectory of the ball. It is simple to pick up but begins quickly to deliver more challenging experiences. It is a basketball game for a single player that challenges the player with taking shots on the court of the basketball. It contains 2 modes, countdown, and straight shots. Players get scores while playing straight shots. When the game is played in countdown mode, it is the same for the player. Player gets the time limit. It does not need any reading. This is a suitable game for the kids who are 5 years old.


  • The Banner Saga


It contains high-quality graphics and offers a template for how to enjoy a lot with a 3 man team. It is the most entertaining indie game for players of all ages. It is the best game that offers a fancy 3D graphics engine that you have this type of elegant hand-drawn artwork. You can play this game on a Best Windows tablet computer.


  • J.U.L.I.A Among the stars


It is a game that is specially designed for adventure gamers. To exceed the initial goal, it comes with puzzles, graphics, and more fleshed out backstory. It offers an enjoyable experience to its users. It offers high-resolution graphics, full-screen, and sound control.



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