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How to Use the Picture-in-Picture Mode on Android Oreo

The latest version of Google Android, Oreo, comes with a mode that reduces the videos to a window, which you can resize and multitask on the device. However, the Picture-in-Picture mode in Android 8.0 is compatible with only select Android apps as of now including VLC player and Google Chrome to name two. Below is how to use the Picture-in-Picture (PiP) mode on Android Oreo for playback controls on VLC player and multitask on your device.

To try the feature on your Android tablet, open the VLC Player app, open a video, and tap on the button denoted by three horizontal dots next to the Play/Pause button. When a new window pops up on the screen, tap on the circled box with a white box inside, located at the bottom-left corner of the window.

You will now have the VLC media player scaled down to the bottom-left corner of the Android device. Then, you can tap and drag the resizable window of VLC player and rearrange the app to anywhere on the screen as per your video viewing preference. When done, you can open any other file on your Android Oreo tablet for multitasking. After you are done watching the video, tap and drag the VLC media player window opened in PiP mode to the bottom of the screen to dismiss the VLC app from the mode.

YouTube is also another app that supports Android Oreo’s PiP mode, but only in select countries and with a YouTube Red subscription. You can watch YouTube Red videos in Picture-in-Picture mode and multitask on a compatible Android tablet featuring Android Oreo following the same instructions as mentioned above. Note that although the options might slightly differ to VLC Player, but the end result is same.

Further, you may also need to know how to disable Picture-in-Picture mode on compatible apps on an app-by-app basis when you get hands on Android Oreo. For that, open the Settings app on Android Oreo, tap on Apps & Notifications, then go to the Advanced menu, and choose Special App Access. Then, scroll down and look for Picture-in-Picture mode, and then tap on the option.

Subsequently, you can see the list of installed applications on Android Oreo that are compatible with PiP Mode. To disable PiP mode, you need to open the compatible app and toggle the switch next to Allow Picture-in-Picture to Off.

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