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3 Easy Ways to Recover Lost Data from Hard Drive

recover lost data

People are a complaining  about data loss issues they face in laptops and computers. But today we are also going to discuss the best and the three easiest ways to recover lost data from the hard drive of your computer. You must read the complete article to learn about all the details and to recover your lost data if you have lost any. So let’s get started with the details.

The lost data can be recovered in three different ways. But first, you have to see which windows operating system and version you are using on your pc or laptop. After confirming your version, you can easily recover your data by following the tips that will tell you today. You don’t have to worry about the recovery process is the same for all of the windows operating system, but the path is different with accordance to the respected versions so after reading the tips you can easily recover your data from the version you are familiar with?

Recover your data from the recycling bin!

The first and the most basic step while recovering or finding your lost data is to look for your data in the recycling bin. It is always a possibility that a kid might be using your system and had accidentally deleted some of your files. In this case, you don’t have to worry just open up your system and look for the recycling bin. Click on the recycling bin option and the windows will open up. You have to look for your files in the bin if you find your file then right-click it and look for the restore option. Your file will be restored in the default drive from where it was originally deleted, and you can use it afterwards.recover lost data

File deleted from the bin?

If you don’t find your files from the bin, then don’t worry, there is an alternative option which will help you get your data back. You must go to the start button and look for the navigation button. In the navigation bar, you must type the file name, and it will show you its last existence saved in the system, from there you can easily restore the last version of that file.

Data recovery wizard!

Your device stores it’s data on its cloud storage, but it cannot upload it if lost, this can only be done by the data recovery wizard that can be downloaded. The data recovery wizard has all the backup of your data, and you can easily restore any file you want from the wizard if it gets lost or deleted. 

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