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5 Best Android Apps for Power Bloggers 2019

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If you want to start blogging, you must get a tablet or laptopBloggers need certain applications installed on their devices. Android operating system is becoming popular for different devices. Fortunately, millions of apps are available to increase your productivity, photo editing and blogging. Power bloggers need some essential apps to make their life easy. These apps can increase your efficiency.

1. Grammarly

A blogger needs this app for proofreading, grammar and spelling error checking. With this app, it will be easy for you to avoid common errors. It can check over 400+ rules and points to eliminate them with the best solutions. 

This app is available with a grammar checker to verify the authenticity of your content. You can take advantage of paid and free versions.

2. Blogger

It is an excellent blogging app for android users. With this app, you can conveniently handle powered blog posts. Feel free to view published posts, drafted posts, edit current posts, etc. This application is excellent for Blogspot users to keep an eye on their blog statistics and performance.

3. Writer

A blog writer can download this app in his/her android device. It will help you to write stories, novels and notes quickly. A writer can help you to turn your thoughts into statistics, text and markdown support. Use this advance to purchase a new tablet or smartphone.

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4. Evernote

Evernote is an excellent blogging app for both iOS and android platforms. It enables you to create handwritten notes, collect web articles, write notes in the distraction-free and clean workspace, and use power search.

You can open these notes from different devices. Along with these special features, you can get premium features after paying a small fee. To manage your projects, you must consider Evernote. Along with this app, Trello is another project management app.

5. Pingdom

Do you want to monitor downtime and uptime of your site? You will need a Pingdom app for your android device. It is an excellent way to buy the best smartphone or tablet.

After downloading Pingdom, it will be easy for you to monitor the performance of your site. You can easily detect and outage and resolve it by identifying root causes. It allows you to see response time statistics of your blog. Make sure to install it to monitor your sites and blogs. For bloggers, Pingdom is a crucial tool.

If you need new videos, images, news and stories, download and install Flipboard on your android tablet. It will help you to connect with social networks, including Twitter, Google+ and Facebook. You can keep an eye on the postings of your friends and share posts with your audience and friends.

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