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5 Things to Do with An Old Android Tablet

10 inch tablets

If you changed your old 10-inch tablets with a brand-new Android tablet pc, don’t dispose of that old unit. Although your old tablet pc may possibly not have much resale worth, there are lots of approaches to repurposing your device. Give an old 10-inch tablets an innovative life.

1.   Transform It into Google android Noisy Alarms

Place your old 10-inch tablet in a bedroom and transform it to a noisy alarm. A Google android noisy alarms provides a large time screen that can easily show the next thunderstorm. Get an alarm clock application if you do not desire to use the basic application that was included with the old device. Google android alarms are wise; set your alarm to get you up on workdays and make it possible for you to sleep in on the weekends. 

2.   Show an Interactive Work schedule and To-Do List

Put your old 10-inch tablets in the family room and make use of it as a work schedule or to-do list. Utilize Google Work schedule or any other calendaring or task-management application to keep family members up-to-date and on plan. Your mobile phone and brand new 10-inch tablets make it possible for you check your plan on the go, but it is nice to have that information and facts displayed in your own home in a convenient location.

10 inch tablets

3   Create an Electronic digital Photo Body

Old 10-inch tablets are effective as a digital photo body. Set it up to show a slideshow from Google Pictures, Reddit, or a different photo-sharing services and show those photos around your house. Applications for example Foot can easily streamline the particular process and make use of pictures saved on the old tablet pc.

4   Get Assistance in your kitchen

Attach the old 10-inch tablets in your kitchen area and make use of applications, for example, AllRecipes to show quality recipes while you prepare food. If you are busy clearing up, make use of the old tablet pc to amuse yourself with videos while you load the dishwashing machine.

Stream radio stations from applications, for example, Pandora, Google Music, or even Slacker Radio stations. Radio applications work with the backdrop, even on the majority of older-model tablet pcs. You can lookup that old pecan cake recipe while grooving to the favorite music.

5   Manage Home Automation

Google android is doing a lot of work on home automation, with lots of applications to systemize equipment and lighting, a thermostat, and other equipment. Make use of your old 10-inch tablets as a central switch to regulate your house without needing to find the mobile phone or another system.

Several older tablet pcs have a built-in infrared blaster to regulate a TV and some other devices. In any other case, make use of something similar to a Peel Universal Controller in order to add that features. Look around to get one available for sale or used.

Several streaming systems and applications have a companion application that regulates them from a Google android or iOS device. Repurpose the 10-inch tablets as a remote control that will not get lost in your sofa cushions.

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