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Manage your texting like a pro with these 5 android apps

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With the growing technology trends, even the kids demand the best tablet kids. It is really difficult for the parents to find such a tablet that is not so much costly and strong enough that would not get damaged by the carelessness of the kids. The gadget developers and the software engineers try to make something different and unique that will inspire the audience and enhance the demand.

Filling of the communication gap is one of the wonderful facilities that reduces the gaps in people all over the world. The gadgets have made communication so convenient and easy that you can just convey your message to anyone in just one click. Now, many apps have been made to text others and communicate through the best tablet kids. Following are the wonderful texting android apps:

Chrome SMS:

The chrome SMS is an amazing free app that can be downloaded from the Google Play store. It is a Chromebook app primarily to send messages. If you have a Chromebook, then this is enough app for you to communicate with your friends and family, it also contains various smileys and stickers that are 80 plus which makes communication more friendly and lovely. The smileys express the love and emotions that are difficult to express just by the written words.

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Evolve SMS:

If you have the best tablet kids, you can install the evolve SMS app. This app is an android based app that supports the android wear support, notification that can be customized, password privacy for the security and many more. This is a free app so everyone can get access to this. It is a plus point that you can communicate with the number of people at one time.

Handcent Next SMS:

It is another free android app that is popular to use for messaging purposes. There is a theme associated feature in this app. You can adjust the theme on this app on the best tablet kids. This messaging app is unique in a way that it has many features like a spell checker that is built-in. You can add a password to it, and the password can be protected as well. This app facilitates the group chatting in which you can communicate with a group of people at one time. There is a proper backup system in this app to back up the messages, supports different languages as well to message and communicate.

Google messenger:

Google Messenger is an app of google that is available free ad accessible to the users. This app is amazing in facilitating communication on the best tablet kids. You can send the texts at any time to your contacts.   If you have a nexus device, you can get this app easily. It has multiple interesting features. You do not send the simple written message by it, but you can design it as well. The other amazing features include the blocking if someone irritates, location sharing, audio or voice messages, search options. The location-sharing is a new feature that helps to tell the next person the exact address so he can track it find the address easily. 

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