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Speeding Up A Windows 7 Computer

Windows 7 computer

A person with a limited budget can buy cheap tablets. These are available at an affordable price. You are free to use Window 7 and Windows 10. If you want to use Windows 7, you must not worry because there are numerous methods to speed up this window. See these things to do:

Performance Troubleshooter

If you want to boost the performance of Windows 7 ipads, you can use a performance troubleshooter. It can automatically fix and find problems. Use it to check issues that can slow down the performance of your computer. With this troubleshooter, you can find out the number of users currently logged on to a computer. 

Moreover, a computer user can use this troubleshooter. Open this troubleshooter by tapping the “Start” button and hit “control panel”. In a search box, type “troubleshooter and tap on troubleshooting”. Click on “Check for performance issues” under system & security.

Delete Unused Programs

Once you buy a new PC, you can see numerous unnecessary programs. If you don’t need these programs, feel free to delete them. These may include limited-editing and trial edition versions of programs. The software companies expect you to buy the new or full version. Feel free to delete these programs if these are not useful for you. 

If you don’t want to use a program, uninstall it to save disk space, processing power and memory. Sometimes, you are unable to uninstall a pre-installed program. In this situation, you can disable unnecessary programs. Keep an eye on utility programs, such as backup tools, disk cleaners, virus scanners, etc. 

These programs start running automatically at startup and chug along quietly in the background. Uninstall unnecessary utilities because these can take lots of resources in the background.

Windows 7 Computer

Decrease Number of Items in Startup

Windows 7 tablets may suffer because of the startup programs. Several programs are designed to start automatically once the windows start. Software manufacturers set these programs to work in the background. You can’t see them running, but these programs can waste your precious memory and decrease the speed of windows. You can increase the speed by stopping programs in the background. 

You have to decide if you need a program at startup. Sometimes, you can see an icon in the notification area of the taskbar. It is possible to see this program running. With the help of these icons, you can evaluate the number of programs in the startup. 

Feel free to decide what you want to run at startup. Check the notification area to find out what is running at startup. You have to open AutoRuns for startup programs and clear checkbox next to the name of each program you want to stop.

Defragment Hard Disk

Fragmentation can decrease the speed of your hard diskRun disk defragmenter manually to increase the efficiency of your hard disk.

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