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How to Turn Your iPhone into A Security Camera?

iPhone into a security camera

We are getting a lot of questions about how to turn your iPhone into a security camera. You must understand the concept of this question first; you might be thinking after reading this that why do you need an iPhone to be used as a security camera when you can install a separate security system at your place with third-party companies. First, we would like to address this concern of yours. The reason our readers asked for the question of whether and how can we use an iPhone as a security camera is that independent security systems are very expensive and are not accessible to many of us. So as a solution to this problem, we will talk about the alternate security camera setup today.

Things that we need!

The first one will be the iPhone, and the second one will be the iPad or any android tablet with good battery timing.

We will take the iPhone 5 model for this security setup and will take a cheap tablet so that we cut off ends as much as we can. The reason we are not using the top models is that we don’t need them when we can adjust our system with the lower models. Now the key thing in the setup is the security Alfred application. This Alfred application is easily available on both of these devices. You can download the Alfred security app from the app store on your iPhone 5 that is supported by the IOS, and the android tablet can use the conventional play store for the conventional download of Alfred. You must not worry about downloading as it is a free application, but yes it works with a valid internet connection so you must have that.iPhone into A Security Camera

How to set the system?

You must buy a tripod stand for your iPhone and place it in the area that you want to survey at all times. the phone will be faced camera wise and the Alfred app will record and transfer the video to you on your tablet, which will also be connected to the Alfred application and the iPhone 5.  When you have attached the gadgets, you are good to go with the surveillance.

This is one of the easiest ways of putting up a security system in your house with under 300 dollars of investment. Stay tuned for more interesting hacks and details. Give us your feedback on how was your experience with your security system. You can also use other devices; there is no compulsion of using an iPhone and a tablet. You can choose a device of your choice and the one which you can easily afford and which can run Alfred on it. 

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