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How to update Google Play Services?

Google Play Services

Many refurbished tablets don’t provide the updated Google Play services. When a person buys these tablets, he is required to download them manually 

Google play services are generally updated in every phone and tablet automatically. However, sometimes, we need to update these services manually when we don’t want our mobile data to be used by Google without permission. 

What are Google Play services?

The first thing that most of the people don’t know is Google Play Services is a feature of Android, which is different form the Google Play Store. These services basically connect the app that is downloaded from the Play Store with Google services such as Gmail ID.

Usually, Google Play Services run on their own in the background of the mobile and tablet. They don’t actually need the attention of the user. However, when they encounter any issue, they draw the attention of the user for troubleshooting. 

Guidelines to update Google Play Services:

As a matter of fact, updating the Google Play Services is a bit different from updating the applications from Play Store. However, the process is as quick and simple as updating the apps. Here are some basic guidelines to follow:

  1. From your phone, go to settings option and then go to app settings. This option will redirect you to the list of apps that are available in your device. 
  2. Find Google Play Services in the list of all the apps. You will see the option to update Google Play Services if they are not updated already. If you don’t see any option to update them, you can guess that they are already updated. 

There can be many issues regarding updating the Google Play Services that sometimes one has to contend with. Usually refurbished devices face such problems. The user is required to deal with such problems. Google Play Services

 Troubleshoot the Google Play Services update problem:

  • Check the internet connection:

Sometimes, the Google Play Services don’t install in the tablet due to unstable internet connection. Check your connection and then try updating with the aforementioned method. 

  • Clear the cache of Google Play services:

For clearing the cache memory of the Google Play Services, you should open the information menu of the Google Play Services and then clear the cache. 

  • Check your device:

Sometimes, your device is not compatible to update the Google Play Services because it is refurbished. You should check it to ensure if it is refurbished or not.

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