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How to Use the AirPrint Feature on your iPad

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Using AirPrint Feature

AirPrint is a useful feature available in iOS operating systems of Apple tablets. It became available in the iPad from software version iOS 4.2. AirPrint allows you to print directly from your iPad on any of the airplay enabled wireless printer. By using the AirPrint feature, the printing process is much easier as it simple to set up the connection between the iPad and the printer and print any of the documents stored in the device.

If you have an iPad running iOS 4.2 and later versions the AirPrint feature will already be inbuilt in the device and all that is required is an AirPrint enabled printer. Currently, some of the premium models of printer manufacturers such as HP, Canon, and many others support AirPrint. Several of the upcoming printer models will also provide support for the AirPrint feature, so it would be wiser to learn how to use the AirPrint feature on your iPad.

Using AirPrint

One of the first steps in using the AirPrint feature on your device is to ensure that your iPad and the printer are connected to the same Wi-Fi network. It should also be noted that the AirPrint feature is only compatible with wireless printers. Shared printers or printers connected to a PC are not compatible with AirPrint. AirPrint is always enabled default on your iPad and there is no need to separately switch on the feature.

  • Open an app that is compatible with AirPlay such as Mail, Safari, Photo apps. Some other apps also offer support for using the AirPrint feature.
  • Tap on the Share icon, which appears like a box with an arrow pointing upwards. It will open up a list of options to do with the app and included in this is the Print option.
  • Tap on the Print option, which will pop up the Printer Options. Choose the Select Printer option, which will prompt AirPrint to search for any supporting printers connected to your network.
  • Select the printer that appears in the search results and then you can control the settings regarding printing such as the number of copies and selectively printing a page.
  • Tap on the Print option located in the upper right corner of the display to start printing from your AirPrint enabled printer.

View Print Status and Cancelling Printing

The status of printing can be viewed on your iPad. Double click on the Home button and tap the Print Center option to view the current print jobs. You can also cancel any ongoing printing process from your iPad. Double-click on the Home button and select Print Center. After it is opened, tap on the Cancel Printing option.

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