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Steps to Reset an iPad

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Reset An Ipad

Usually, we reset an iPad to overcome an issue with the device that a simple reboot will not solve, or to prepare the device for a new owner. Resetting the device will wipe out all the settings and data and return the device to the state as when you first bought it. Wiping out the device will allow it to be properly set up by its new owner.

Resetting the iPad will protect your details and information by ensuring that all the data and settings are deleted from the iPad. The resetting should also include turning off the Find My iPad feature, and is also used to troubleshoot technical issues with the iPad.

Many of the common issues with the device can be resolved by deleting the app causing the issue and then installing it again, or by just restarting the device. However, many problems can persist even after performing these steps. In such situations also resetting the device can help.

Rather than searching for cheap tablets for sale when you encounter issues with your iPad, you can try the steps to reset the device shared below. However, you will have to back up the device to the iCloud server before trying to reset it.

Resetting the device can be done from the Settings app. In the Settings window, tap on iCloud, select Backup, and then select Back Up Now.

Reset iPad to Factory Settings

After performing the backup, you can erase all the content stored in the iPad by resetting it back to the factory default state. If you have the Find My iPad feature enabled on the device, resetting the device will turn the feature off and you will not be able to locate the device making use of the feature. Below are the steps to reset the device.

  • Open iPad settings from the Settings A gear icon will denote the Settings app.
  • Inside the Settings app, find and tap on General It will be located on the left side.
  • Scroll down the General settings window and tap on Reset. This will offer you with many options to reset the device. You can select the one that works best for you.

These are the simple steps to reset your iPad to the factory default state. You can contact an iPad technician for any further assistance.

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