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How to Setup and Use NFC on Android Tablets

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Setup And Use NFC

Near Field Communication (NFC) is a technology that enables seamless transfer of data amongst two devices. With an NFC enabled device, you can make payments easily while shopping, or transfer photos, videos, or other files effortlessly. It works on the principle of near field that uses radio frequencies to communicate. However, for NFC connection to occur, the devices are required to be placed near to each other.

The use of NFC was improved in the later versions of Android that led to the introduction of the Android Beam feature. Using NFC and Android Beam, you can quickly exchange files between two devices. Moreover, if your tablet has inbuilt NFC feature, it can also read or write programmable NFC tags. Below is how to setup and use NFC on Android tablets.

Does your Tablet Have NFC?

One of the first things to ensure before setting up this feature is to check whether your tablet has NFC or not. NFC is integrated only with some models of tablets and you need to confirm this before actually beginning the setup process. Look at the back panel of your tablet to check for any symbols or other information.

In some devices like Sony, the NFC symbol, which is an N-mark, is printed on the back panel of the device. To check whether our tablet supports NFC or not, go to Settings > More and then scroll down. If your device has NFC, you will see NFC and Android Beam options displayed there.

Enabling NFC

If your Android tablet has the NFC feature, you need to set it up to use it. For this, go to Settings > More. Then tap on the NFC and then turn on the NFC switch. When this feature is activated, Android Beam will also get activated. If it does not automatically turn on, you can tap on it and then choose Yes to enable the feature.

Sharing Data via NFC

With NFC enabled, you can use it to transfer data between devices. It is a different method of data transfer than Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, so you should follow the below-mentioned guidelines to establish a successful data transfer via NFC.

  • Make sure to enable NFC and Android Beam on your tablet and the receiving device.
  • Keep the two devices close and do not separate them when the transfer has started.
  • You will get notified when the devices detect each other; you can then transfer the required files. When the content has been successfully transferred, you will get a notification on the devices.
  • The two devices must not be locked or asleep when transferring using NFC.

Beaming Content via NFC

To beam content through NFC into another device, first, open the content that you wish to share. Place your tablet and the other device with their backs against each other. You will get a sound and vibration feedback when the devices get detected. Your tablet will display a thumbnail with a Touch to Beam message. Tap on the option to begin the beaming of your content into the other device.

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