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How to Turn Off Google Search History on your Android Tablet

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Turn Off Google Search History

You might be aware that Google secretly collects information from your tablet. This is used for a host of specific purposes such as improving search suggestions, targeted advertising, and personalizing their services. However, you may find it a bit annoying regarding the amount of data Google collects from your device and its use. Meanwhile, as search engines become more powerful, it is highly necessary that your personal data and search habits remain off the grid.

Luckily, Android has an option that will allow you to stop Google search history and erasing your previous search history. If you bought a new device from a tablet for sale store, it is recommended to first disable this search history kept by Google. Described below is how to turn off Google search history on your Android tablet.

Turning Off Google Web History

To turn off Google web history on your tablet, you must first open Google Now. This can be accessed by tapping and dragging up from the home or by opening the Google search bar. Tap on the three horizontal lines on the search bar to open the menu screen. Select the Settings option, tap on Accounts & Privacy, and select the Google Account History option.

The Account History menu will display many options that you can configure about Google. The Web & App Activity will be turned on by default. Tap on it to turn this feature off. Upon this, there will appear a prompt from Google that states the importance of turning on the web and app activity feature. Tap on Pause to disable the Google search history on your tablet.

Erasing your Previous Search History

You can also erase all the recorded search history made by Google. This is important if you wish to prevent Google from keeping your history and to prevent any others from viewing your browsing habits. To erase your browsing history, first open Google Now. Then select Settings > Accounts & Privacy > Google Account History > Web & App Activity.

After this menu is opened, tap on Manage History to configure your browsing and usage history. This will display many of your recent search history, which you can individually select and remove by ticking the boxes next to them and selecting the Remove option. For erasing your entire search history, select the icon below the search bar and tap on Remove Items.

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