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Options to Get the Broken Screen of your iPad Replaced

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Broken Screen Replacement

We all know that iPads are not cheap devices and the one-year warranty offered by Apple does not cover damages from accidents. This means that if the screen of your iPad is damaged due to accidental dropping, you won’t get it replaced for free from Apple. So, what are your repair options if the screen of your iPad is broken, aside from looking for cheap tablets for sale? Read the tips shared by wholesale iPad dealers on iPad screen replacement.

Have Apple Fix it

If you have already opted for AppleCare, you can get the screen replaced without busting out the credit card. AppleCare can cost you about hundred dollars for two years and covers two accidental damage incidents for a service fee of just fifty dollars. If you do not have AppleCare, screen replacement can cost about the price of buying a refurbished iPad. Apple can charge you from 199 to 599 dollars to replace the screen, depending on the model of the device.

Have Third Party Fix it

There are many other places from where you can get the screen of the iPad replaced. However, choosing a non-authorized repair shop will void the warranty of the device. You can go for a third party service center if your iPad is out of warranty. There are many third party repair shops from where you can get the broken screen replaced.

While shopping around for a third party repair shop, enquire on the cost of the repair, the time taken to return the device after the repair, and the source of the replacement screen. Ensure that the store will stand behind their parts and works as the last thing that you will want is a crack-free but defective iPad.

Do it Yourself

You can find many screen replacement kits online. However, go for this option only if you are confident enough to do the job on your own. You can find many DIY tutorials online that can help you understand the procedures on replacing the iPad screen. You need to keep in mind that replacing the glass of the screen is much difficult than replacing the entire touch screen unit. Therefore, be very sure if you want to go for this option.

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