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What to Do When your iPad Has no Sound after Being Waterlogged

Accidents can happen any time and one of the worst nightmares of any iPad owner is dropping the device in water. It can be the pool, ocean, puddle, washing machine, or the toilet, but the drop is always annoying. So, what to do if you have dropped your much-loved iPad in water?

Obviously, the iPad will show some temporary issues when waterlogged and the first one that you might encounter will be that the device will not have any sound, as the speaker will stop to work. Even though iPads are engineered to detail, dropping it in water can be a losing battle. Worry not, the below steps would help you fix sound issues of the device easily.

Step 1

The first thing to do when your iPad falls in water is to turn off the device as soon as you take the device out of water. Keeping the device turned on will ruin the hardware of the device. After turning off the device, remove any case of the device. Shake the device vigorously to get rid of any water trapped in the corners and crevices. After that, put the iPad on a dry towel and pat away any wetness on it. Now you may remove any SIM card and memory card from it.

Step 2

Find some rice and put it in a sealable bag together with the iPad. The more the rice, the better for your iPad. If you are unable to find a sealable bag, you can put the rice in a bowl and put a cling film over the bowl after putting in the iPad in the rice. Place the bag or the bowl in a cool dry place and leave it there for about twenty to thirty hours. The dry rice will absorb moisture from the iPad.

Step 3

After removing the device from the bag, check if the speaker of the device is working. If you find that there is still no sound from the device, you can try drying the device using a hair dryer on low heat setting. Blow the hair dryer over the speaker and headphone jack of the device. Take care to keep the iPad at a fair distance from the hairdryer to avoid overheating it.

Repeat the steps many times to make sure that all the moisture trapped in the device is removed. Now you may turn on the device and check if the speaker is working. If it is not, you may need to seek technical assistance.

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